“Tarsco Group” is a long established pioneering Trade & Bridge Finance provider based in Europe, Hong Kong and Nevis. Today Tarsco Group, is considered among the top Trade Finance firms in the industry. The Group also has unique models & practical methods for trade finance, bridge financing, Trade Finance Programs, and development loan programs. Tarsco's total Fixed Capital is USD$ 1.357 Billion in assets. Such Assets enabled Tarsco Group to fund and finance the clients in a timely manner.

Our team possesses not only the knowledge and expertise across a broad range of business sectors and locations, but also key banking and investor relationships that allow our clientele to accomplish their objectives through highly unique products under the most beneficial terms, whether closing large development projects, completing a service, or sale of a product to a major new customer. We set high expectations for ourselves and our strategic funding sources.

With locations in Cyprus, Thailand, Hong Kong, Nevis and Rep. Offices & Co-Partners in London, Canada, Jordan, Lebanon, Sweden, Switzerland, Philippine, Italy, France Germany and Brazil. We are well located almost worldwide to serve our client's requests. It is worth mentioning that Tarsco Group and Co-Partners are focusing into Trade Financing, Bridge Financing and our Co-Partners are a major players into Oil & Gas, Power Stations, Sugar Refineries, Insurance and in various sectors and Cryptocurrency. Through our Independent Trustee & Escrow Agent at USA who is well reputable worldwide as an "Escrow" entity handling major transactions for prime banks and international financial institutions.   

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Trade finance signifies financing for trade, and it concerns both domestic and international trade transactions. A trade transaction requires a seller of goods and services as well as a buyer. It could be SELF FINANCING which requires the Bridge Financing that is needed by the Trader to facilitate the trade.


Financial instruments are monetary contracts between parties. They can be created, traded, modified and settled. They can be cash (currency), evidence of an ownership interest in an entity (share), or a contractual right to receive or deliver cash (NOTE). We can provide financing corporate & bank instruments.