Client Criteria

Through out our branches in Cyprus, St. Kitts & Nevis, Thailand, & Hong Kong, all our clients will generally demonstrate a current, compelling opportunity that can be directly identified . In most cases, privately held client prospects will either be established entities, or be firms with existing transactions or opportunities that will be manifested within a short period of time. 

We focus on clients that have superior management and a defining opportunity. Tarsco does not have a purposeful industry focus and is more concerned about the specific opportunity and company as opposed to having a sector or geographic limitation. 

Who can apply Bridge Financing against Promissory Notes:

  • All corporate of whatever activity and line of business

  • All public and private corporations

  • Governmental institutions and entities with a simple ideology that will enable the transaction to become commercial and not governmental transaction via lodging the governmental bonds and guaranties to the local commercial banks at the respective country and those banks will AVAL the promissory notes to our favour to enable us on providing the loans.

Why Tarsco Group?

1. For it is unique and non-typical model of providing the funding and loans to our clients based on a simple collateral of a Corporate Promissory Note. 

2. For the fact that we do not control the spending of the clients after we provide the Funding and Loans.

3. For not having any installments paid to us during the funding and loan’s period and the payment is a balloon payment at the end of the term. 

4. For providing up to 5 years financing and loans period, renewable on a yearly basis. Accordingly the funds can stay with the clients up to 5 years. 

5. For its long history, and experience on fast determination to achieve prompt and highly sophisticated decisions on a very high competitive level of financial status that is  makes the funding, financing & loans sustainable. Also to enable the clients to have the capability of staying up-to-date with market requirements and to generate the maximum profit during the funding and loan period by the clients. 

6. For its financial successes being adopted via simplifying the procedures and policies on providing the financing and loans.  

7. For its exclusive service standards that are built on coherent ties with clients. This is done through our qualified and motivated team of directors characterized by education, knowledge, banking culture and experience in different fields of financing and business.

8. For its continuous development of Trade Financing Products and Services that meet client’s needs and expectations in the business sector. Furthermore, Tarsco Group have applied a set of strategic Funding models that provide the clients a new vision practically implemented which will fulfill the requirements and needs of different customer segments 

9. For its developed and advanced flexibility and improved work environment, which enable the clients to cope with current and future growth requirements.

10. We do not charge the clients any money at all. We do not ask the client to pay all those so called file opening fee, upfront money deposits etc etc etc. Indeed once we sign an agreement there will be a penalty clause both side for a nonperformance.